A total of 700 drivers’ children on Saturday (21/11) received a scholarship from Blue Bird Group at BBG Head Office, Mampang Jakarta. According to Noni Purnomo, VP Business Development BBG, this program is always held every semester, and in each school year, base money is also given to the children who just entered high school and university. There is also a special scholarship for less fortunate children, and the sons and daughters of drivers who had already passed away and had been a boon to the company. Still according to Noni, this scholarship has no strings attached; it’s a genuine help from BBG, which means there is no obligation or tied-in service after they graduate.

By giving this scholarship, the President Director of BBG, dr. H. Purnomo Prawiro hopes that they can complete their education and gain success in the future. Every parent would want their children to be more advanced and have a better life. Whatever happens, education should not be sacrificed, he said.

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