Blue Bird’s trusted and professional drivers are among the key of its success. To express gratitude from the corporate to these drivers, this year Blue Bird will send another batch of selected drivers to the holy land of Mecca to observe ‘Umrah pilgrimage.

Blue Bird will send 40 drivers this year which is the same amount as the previous year, divided into 4 embarkation. The opportunity is given to drivers with a particular criteria such as performance and years in service.

Sabikis, one of the selected drivers to be sent for ‘Umrah in the beginning of 2016 period, explains when receiving the good news he immediately contact his wife and family at home “Alhamdulillah” his wife cried while repeatedly expressing praise to Allah. “I can’t wait to go to the holy land. All praise to Allah” recall Sabikis in ‘Umrah orientation program.

Noni Purnomo, as the coordinator of Blue Bird Peduli wishes this program can continue motivating the drivers. “I hope they will return from ‘Umrah safe and sound, becoming a better person for their family and colleagues to look up to” summed Noni Purnomo.

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