Jakarta, 7-8 July 2012. 300 children of Blue Bird Group’s drivers and neighborhood surrounding Blue Bird Group office following Khitanan Bersama held by Blue Bird Group on Saturday to Sunday, 7-8 July 2012 at The Blue Bird Building, JL. Mampang Prapatan Raya, no.60, South Jakarta. People who participate in this activity primarily are kids in underprivileged located near the Blue Bird Pool in greater Jakarta.

Khitanan Bersama Program is a partial series of Blue Bird Peduli yearly activities during school holidays. According to Noni S.A. Purnomo, Program Coordinator of Blue Bird Peduli, This social program is one form of gratitude for all the gifts bestowed on this company. As a form of moral responsibility company against difficulties others less fortunate. The Premises of the Program is that we are all the same, as God beings, who are entitled to enjoy happiness.

The candidate participants khitan formerly should undergo checks ( preops ) to know more detail condition of the health so prepared as medically. After khitan, they also being monitored by medical personnel

Noni added, a goal from Blue Bird Peduli program are focused internal and external. The Internal activities including the granting of scholarships for children of driver/employees, assistance for victims of natural disasters, disasters such as floods, earthquakes and so on. While the external target are the general social assistance for public, especially neighborhood environment surrounding Blue Bird Group office that spread across greater Jakarta and branches of the Blue Bird in other major cities. This Social programs for external adapted to the public needs environment. It could also be in the form of improvements and infrastructure, such as road repair, manufacture or repair of trash, places of worship. As for education, we have build two schools, Yayasan Kurnia dan Sekolah Kami, that school is free school for slum dwellers children said Noni explained.

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