Regular TaxiRegular Taxi

With modest beginnings with only a handful of taxis, over the years we has become synonymous with reliability. With reputation for the highest standards in taxi services, with The All New Toyota Limo and Nissan Almera as standard vehicles, the company now caters millions passengers all over Indonesia each month.

In order to tap into the market’s growing demand for dependable and safe transportation, we has spread its wings in the past two decades adding to its fleet several taxi companies under the Blue Bird Regular Taxi and Pusaka Taxi management. Today, with a combined fleet of 23000 in more than 61 depots located throughout Jakarta, Banten, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok, Medan, Padang, Batam, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Makasar and Manado, We continues to expand. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and know-how, including a round-the-clock computerized reservation system, the company strives to deliver the best service to each customer.

For easy to get easy to pay, blue bird personal and corporate credit voucher are ready to pay your taxi fare instead of cash, Electonic Data Capture for electronic payment with debit/credit card Mandir and Visa Master Card, and also create a sophisticated mobile apps to reserve a taxi from smartphone with multi platform such as android, iPhone, Blackberry, windows phone and nokia asha.

Strategic placement of 480 exclusive taxi outlets in major cities in Indonesia has allowed for easy access to major business and commercial districts. These include tourist hot spots and national and international airports around the country.

Regular Taxi Trusted Drivers

Trusted Driver
Behind the wheels of each Blue Bird Group taxi is a competent, well-trained driver committed to giving you a most comfortable ride.

Regular Taxi GPS Facility

24-hour GPS Technology
Blue Bird’s customized Global Positioning System (GPS) lets control monitor the whereabouts of a certain vehicle at any given time.

Regular Taxi Well Maintained

Well-maintained Fleet
Operational support for Blue Bird is given through its strategically located service stations. Vehicle replacement and tow-truck services are also available round the clock.

Regular Taxi Lost Found

Lost & Found Service
Any passenger belonging left behind in a vehicle will be reported and registered in comprehensive database accessible from all depots and stations.

Regular Taxi Easy

Easy to Get and Easy to Pay
Blue Bird offers an easy way for payment system by using the credit voucher as an alternative way of paying cash. This is the best way for individual and also for corporation.

Safety TipsSafety Tips

Some of our customers may be wondering why we don’t simply call all our taxis Blue Bird as to make them easier to identify. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to government regulations imposing limits on the number of vehicles allowed to operate under a certain privately owned company.

Considering the need for our taxis is far greater, our increased fleets are thus housed under other Blue Bird Group flagships such as Morante Jaya, Cendrawasih, Pusaka Nuri, Pusaka Biru, Pusaka Lintas, Pusaka Satria, Pusaka Sentra, Pusaka Banten, Pusaka Prima, Surabaya Taksi, Bali Taksi and Lombok Taksi.

Look out for the following special features to distinguish our taxis from the rest:


Taxi Headsign


Dashboard Number and Driver’s Identify


Rear Body Number


Driver’s Uniform


Sun Screen Logo


Corporate Logo


Number at the side view mirror


Side Body number


Head Rest

Credit VoucherCredit Voucher

Take control of your transportation costs with Blue Bird Group’s voucher payment scheme, “It’s So Easy”, available for personal and corporate use. Some benefits of using Blue Bird Group vouchers:

No cash needed

Using vouchers is an effective way to avoid spending unnecessary cash, and also to save on some valuable time while getting in and out of the vehicle.

Payment by credit card

Payment for used vouchers will be automatically deducted from your registered credit card account.

Secure and convenient

By viewing past voucher records, you’ll be able to surmise how much should be allocated for future transportation needs.

Monthly billing statement

Vouchers received by Blue Bird also act as receipts and will be returned to you or your company by the end of each month.

For Inquiries : 021 – 7917 1234
Email: [email protected]

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BLUE BIRD : (022) 756 1234
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(022) 756 1222


(0254) 393 123
Customer Care Center :
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BLUE BIRD : (0778) 756 1234


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Customer Care Center : 645 000


BLUE BIRD : (024) 670 1234
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(024) 767 44 273


BALI TAXI : (0361) 701 111
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(031) 372 0909

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