Dewan Direksi PT Blue Bird Tbk

Board of DirectorBoard of Director

Dr. Purnomo Prawiro
President Director

A graduate from University of Indonesia’s Medical School in 1974, Dr. Purnomo was a medical service doctor in Bogor’s Health Department from 1974 to 1985. Today he holds the position of President Director in many companies like PT Restu Ibu Pusaka since 1981, PT Golden Bird Bali since 1989, PT Angkutan Kontenindo Antarmoda since 1991, PT Silver Bird since 1992, PT Praja Bali Transportasi since 1994, PT Iron Bird since 1994, PT Ritra Konnas Freight Centre since 1996, PT Lombok Seaside Cottage since 1997, PT Surabaya Taksi Utama since 1997 and PT Blue Bird Taxi since 2013. He is also the Director of PT Big Bird since 1978 and the Chief Commissioner of PT Lombok Taksi Utama since 2013.

Sigit Priawan

Ir. Sigit Priawan Djokosoetono, MBA

Appointed as Director since 2012, Mr. Sigit graduated from Trisakti University in 1993 with the Mechanical Engineering degree in 1993, and from Simon School of Business University of Rochester, New York with Master of Business Degree in 1997. He joined the corporation as Senior Operation Manager from 2001 t0 2007 and held the position of Chairman of Development Department of SDM DPD Organda DKI Jakarta from 2004 to 2009, and was Vice President of the company’s Central Operations from 2007 to 2012. While being the Chief Commissioner of PT Pusaka Andalan Perkasa since 2012 and Hermis Consulting since 2013, now he is also holding several key positions in Blue Bird Group’s subsidiaries such as: Commissioner of PT Pusaka Prima Transport since 2001, PT Prima Sarijati Agung since 2002, PT Silver Bird since 2003, PT Pusaka Buana Utama since 2010, PT Pusaka Niaga Indonesia since 2010, and PT Pusaka Bumi Transportasi since 2012. He also holds the position of President Director of PT Pusaka Nuri Utama since 1997, PT Pusaka Thrifty since 2001, and PT Luhur Satria Sejati Kencana since 2012.

Adrianto Djokosoetono

Ir. Adrianto Djokosoetono, MBA

Appointed as Director since 2012, Mr Adrianto graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2000 with Industrial Engineering degree, and from Bentley College, Massachusetts in 2003 with Master of Business Administration degree. He joined the company as Team Project SAP from 2003 to 2005 and IT Manager from 2005 to 2006. He was also the Chairman of Unit Taksi Organda DKI Jakarta from 2007 to 2013. Now he holds the position of President Director of PT Ocean Air Indonesia and PT Iron Bird Transport since 2003, PT Irdawan Multitrans since 2011, PT Big Bird Pusaka, PT Cendrawasih Pertiwijaya, and PT Pusaka Andalan Perkasa since 2012, and PT Morante Jaya since 2013. He is also the Director of PT Pusaka Thrifty Indonesia and PT Pusaka Prima Transport since 2009, PT Pusaka Integrasi Mandiri since 2008, PT Global Pusaka Solutions since 2009, PT Luhur Satria Kencana since 2012 and PT Lintas Buana Taksi since 2013. He is also the Commissioner of PT Central Naga Europindo since 2001, PT Pusaka Bumi Mutiara since 2010, PT Golden Bird Bali since 2012, and he is also part of DPD Organda DKI Jakarta’s General Advisory Council for the period of 2013 to 2018.

Sandy Permadi, SE, Akt. MBA
Independent Director

Sandy Permadi telah menduduki posisi-posisi senior di berbagai perusahaan, terakhir sebagai Chief Financial Officer Lazada Indonesia, yang merupakan Group Perusahaan Lazada, salah satu e-commerce terdepan di Asia Tenggara, dengan lingkup usaha meliputi online retail, marketplace, e-money, dan logistik. Pengalaman beliau dalam digital finance selama berkiprah di Lazada diyakini mampu memberikan nilai tambah yang dibutuhkan Perseroan dalam menghadapi tantangan yang ada saat ini.

Sebelumnya, Bapak Sandy Permadi menjabat sebagai Chief Financial Officer di Grey Worldwide Indonesia, sebuah perusahaan advertising yang dimiliki oleh WPP Group, yang sahamnya diperdagangkan di London Stock Exchange dan New York Stock Exchange.

Dan pernah juga menjabat sebagai Finance Director dan Business Improvement Director for Asia Operation di John Hardy, Deputy Finance Director di Lowe & Draft Indonesia, sebuah perusahaan advertising ternama, dengan kantor pusat di New York, Amerika Serikat, dan sebagai Senior Analyst Financial Accounting System Development di PT Astra Honda Motor.


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