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A Glimpse of Blue Bird Group HoldingA Glimpse of Blue Bird Group Holding

From taxi, containers and heavy equipments, to logistics, Blue Bird Group is a holding group that is ready to cater to all your needs. To many citizens of Jakarta and many other big cities in Indonesia, Blue Bird Group isn’t just a taxi company, but a part of their lifestyle. If New York is known with the yellow taxi and London with the black cab, then Jakarta has Blue Bird: the armada of blue taxis adorning the busy streets of Jakarta all the time.

By serving millions of passengers every month, Blue Bird Group has extended its services, from regular taxis (Blue Bird & Pusaka) to executive taxis (Silver Bird), limousines and car rentals (Golden Bird), bus charters (Big Bird), logistics (Iron Bird Logistic), Industry (Restu Ibu Pusaka – Bus Body Manufacturing and Pusaka Niaga Indonesia), property (Holiday Resort Lombok and Pusaka Bumi Mutiara), IT and supporting services (Hermis Consulting – IT SAP, Pusaka Integrasi Mandiri – EDC, Pusaka GPS, Pusaka Buana Utama – Petrol Station, Pusaka Bersatu – Lubricant, Pusaka Sukucadang Indonesia – Spare Part) and heavy equipments (Pusaka Andalan Perkasa and Pusaka Bumi Transportasi).

We are committed to always keeping our service quality in every business that we do. For example, with our armada placement strategy and availability has made our subsidiary, PT Blue Bird Tbk has gained the status of a reliable and trustworthy transportation partner.

Now Blue Bird Group’s services can be enjoyed not only in Jakarta but also in other cities in Indonesia like Bali, Bandung, Banten, Batam, Lombok, Manado, Medan, Padang, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta, as well as hearts of business and tourism spots across the nation.

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History of Blue Bird GroupHistory of Blue Bird Group

In 1965, the late Mrs. Mutiara Fatimah Djokosoetono, dr. Chandra Suharto (eldest son of Mrs. Mutiara Fatimah Djokosoetono) and dr. Purnomo Prawiro (youngest son of Mrs. Mutiara Fatimah Djokosoetono) started a taxi without argo, Chandra Taxi, named after dr. Chandra Suharto

In 1972, Mrs. Mutiara Fatimah Djokosoetono with dr. Purnomo Prawiro and dr. Chandra Suharto, and with other business partners, officially started a transportation business with an armada of 25 taxis. Along the journey, Blue Bird was always the pioneer in changing the taxi industry in Indonesia. Among the innovations are argometer-based tariff, improving the whole armada with air conditioning and radio communications. Moreover, the usage of GPS system in our armada also provides security to our customer. In 2011, Blue Bird was the first taxi company in Indonesia who gave mobile reservation service through Blackberry.

Now, Blue Bird Group has expanded its business further. While still focusing in passenger transportation, we also extend our reach to other business such as logistics, property industry, heavy equipments, and IT consultation services. In 2014, PT Blue Bird Tbk, one of Blue Bird Group subsidiaries that cover taxi business, car rental, and bus charters, was officially Go Public in Jakarta’s Stock Exchange.

Message from the late
Mrs. Mutiara Djokosoetono, SH

Founder BluebirdI started this business with 25 taxis. I still remember how happy and nervous I was when those 25 taxis arrived from Surabaya and went into my first depot. Since that, my business grew rapidly and I totally realized that this is all thanks to the support of my beloved sons who spared their precious time to pursue their medical studies. I also want to give my high appreciation to my tremendous employees who were with me for many years. Working together like a big family, we have reached our first goal, where we were regarded and valued by both the government and private sector as first class transportation service company. I am sure that we will never lose this position as long as we can keep our culture of hardworking, honesty in and out, high discipline, respect to the customers, and keep striving to be the best.

Message from the late
Brigjen Pol (P) Dr. H. KRH Chandra Suharto, MBA, SpJp

Commissioner BluebirdOur business was built on the dream of making everything better. Like the name, Blue Bird, that is inspired by the European folklore about a girl and a blue bird that endlessly try to reach happiness, our family has done the our best to reach our goals. Along with the growing numbers of the family member and the educational cost that keeps rising, like a miracle, a business that started with only two taxis could thrive and grow. Of course integrity, hard work, discipline and family values supported the achievements. We always encourage every individual, despite the position, to always give our customers the best services. To always keep in touch with the changes of times, we strengthen our competency in all fields of businesses. We also realize that our success is a blessing from God and in order to pay it forward, we started Blue Bird Peduli program to help those who are less fortunate.

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Becoming a strong and reliable company that prioritizes quality to ensure continuous prosperity for the stakeholders


Our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction, and to grow and sustain ourselves as market leaders in every category that we go in. In land transportation, we proved reliable and high quality services with efficient use of resources, and we do it as a whole team.




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