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Purchase and manage your credit voucher, because why pay every time you book a taxi if you can do it in a better, more organized way?

CV Corporate
Credit Voucher CorporateCredit Voucher Corporate

It is imperative for any companies and corporations to have keen planning for the cashflow in order to survive. That’s why for companies who use Blue Bird Taxi as transportation partner for the stakeholders, we offer Credit Voucher Corporate to make all the payment process easier by using credit vouchers. By paying monthly, Credit Voucher Corporate is equipped with Credit Voucher management system that makes it easier for companies to control transportation expenses

Cv Personal
Credit Voucher PersonalCredit Voucher Personal

Find a better way to pay for your Blue Bird Taxi rides with Credit Voucher Personal. By using credit voucher as a payment system, you can keep a better track on planning your expenses. The payment can be set monthly and automatically with your credit card, making it easy to evaluate and manage your transportation budget.

CV Prabayar
Credit Voucher PrepaidCredit Voucher Prepaid

For both personal and corporate use, Credit Voucher Prepaid is a great way to utilize the credit voucher as a taxi payment system. Credit Voucher Prepaid can be used as a gift and used by anyone for any transportation purpose, as it has already paid with certain value. You can have Credit Voucher Prepaid by paying for the nominal value of the credit voucher, and it serves as an alternative to paying with cash. It’s as simple as that.


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