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Founder Blue Bird Group

Message from the Founder

The Late Mrs Mutiara Djokosoetono, SH

On May 1, 1972, I began with 25 taxis. I still remember how glad and nervous I was when the 25 taxis, arriving from Surabaya, drove into my first depot.

Since then, Blue Bird has undergone formidable growth. Today, our four major divisions include a wide range of transportation services in several locations. I am well aware that Blue Bird would never have attained this growth without the devoted help of my beloved children, who dedicated the prime years of their lives to support their mother in the business while also pursuing their studies to become medical doctors.

Without their continuing support, Blue Bird would never have reached where it is today. I also want to express my deep appreciation to my very special employees, who have followed me faithfully for all these years.

Working together as a “big family,” we have reached our first goals. Blue Bird has been recognized and awarded by the government as well as by private institutions as a provider of first-class service.

I am convinced that we will never lose this position as long as we maintain our attitude of hard work, internal and external honesty, utmost discipline, courtesy to customers and a craving for excellence.

Lastly, I hope that our customers will never get tired of informing us about our shortcomings. We believe that only with frequent criticism, we will be able to build a service according to the wishes of our distinguished customers.

Founder Blue Bird Group

Message from the Co-Founder

The Late Brigjen Pol (P) Dr. H. KRH Chandra Suharto, MBA, SpJp

Blue Bird Group was built upon a dream to make things better.

Just as the name Blue Bird was taken from a European fairy tale about a girl and a blue bird who worked tirelessly to find happiness, in the early days of the    company all the members of our family had to struggle to make ends meet. As the family needs became greater and education costs soared, it was something close to a miracle that the company managed to survive and grow to its current size from just two initial taxis.

Consequently, it is this integrity, hard work, discipline and family values that have been supporting Blue Bird Group ever since. We encourage every individual, whatever his or her function may be, to provide the best service for our valued customers.

To keep up with the changing times, Blue Bird Group continues to reinvent itself by improving competency in all lines of business. We also realize that our success has been largely dependent upon God’s blessings, and have initiated the Blue Bird Peduli (Blue Bird Cares) program to repay that kindness by sharing those blessings with others less fortunate than ourselves.

News & Update

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